Chris Fox - Interloop – Wynyard Train Station

Not only boat builders… When artist Chris Fox calls on us; we know we are in for something challenging and spectacular.

Over 6 months of highly technical engineering and problem solving, Chris’s latest vision ‘Interloop’ is now hovering over commuters at Sydney’s Wynyard Station. This award-winning structure comprised of (over) a kilometre of welding at Lumark’s Hemmant workshop.

Template & jig building and testing were all a part of this complex build to ensure a seamless and smooth installation over a 48hr period. ‘Interloop’ is built from high strength marine grade aluminium and suspended via steel beams. The original wooden escalator treads were transferred to the sculpture giving a touch of nostalgia to this sensational, revived piece of modern art.



Josh Raymond and Lumark


Chris Fox -

Commissioned by

Novo Rail Program Alliance for Transport for NSW

Project Team

Studio Chris Fox Pty Ltd

Computational and Fabrication Modelling



Structure Consulting Engineers, Bollinger Grohmann Engineers


Lumark Pty Ltd


NASS Projects Pty Ltd


COX Architecture

Art Strategy

Cultural Capital