'Transmission' - Northlakes (Qld.)

'Transmission' is a site-specific sculpture by artist Chris Fox for Moreton Bay Regional Council. Produced in 2013/2014.

Lumark was engaged by the Project Manager’s G&V to supply the fabricated body of  this impressive sculpture that utilised 150 metres of steel. A complicated design demanded advanced, fabrication techniques. Seven intertwining strands from 80mm steel pipe. Each strand was made up of many sections of pipe welded together. Each section ranging from 500mm long to 3000mm long was rolled at a specific radius. To enable complete accuracy and flow of the strands, a complex jig was set up in our workshop using 3D designed laser cut templates. This enabled us to have a precise layout of the strands and assemble them into three deliverable sections. The pieces were then pre-assembled for blasting & painting and prepared for transportation.  This project was approx 1000 hours and took 6 months from concept to completion.

Artist/designer: Chris Fox site

Project management: G&V site



“It was great working with Mark Webb and the team at Lumark, they were very precise and patient with a very complicated project. Mark was very innovative in how to approach the fabrication, which produced a fantastic result.” 

- Chris Fox